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The Shining 3.0

We had to create a website based on a character as part of our Master in Multimedia, I based mine on The Shining.

The Shining Logo

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The Shining here is a sentient being who, after all these years being off the grid, has decided to market its ability to see the dead… The brand wants to be friendly-looking, fresh and natural.
Altough a few glitches and hidden secrets show that the old Shining isn’t too far behind… Could Tony be behind all of this?

Illustrations for the site

The illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator.


Agence ANA website

After my internship at ANA photo agency during the summer 2013, they asked me to create and design a new website.
They wanted a website tailored to their new objectives as they went from a photo press agency to a gallery and com agency.

Agence ANA

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Web Authoring Gobbledygook …


The dot-com domain name are widely used and so can be limited, they are available to anyone, have very low-cost and have pretty much no obstacles to applications.

On the other hand, the dot-ie domain is specifically for Irish websites doing business in Ireland and even though it is a lot more expensive than a dot-com, it allows the company to be more specific and attract clientele. Only registered companies can apply for a dot-ie domain suffix.

Domain And Hosting Websites €24.95/year for 3 years €7.95/year for 3 years

Windows Starter 5

With this package you can host up to 5 websites and 100 domains.
You will need 1GB space on your disk and 10GB/mo for Transfer. With this package you have Unlimited Email adresses and aliases as well as a free web-mail. You can have up to 50 free mailboxes. It also includes web applications and tools such as MySQL (databases), PHP5 (hypertext processor), ASP.Net 3.5 (framework).

Subscription Period:

5 Year(s)-€7.95/month
3 Year(s)-€8.95/month
2 Year(s)€9.95/month
1 Year(s)-€11.95/month
1 Month(s)-€12.95/month

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network, to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software archives.

Content Management Systems

These are two CMS


It is open source, multilingual blogging engine.It does not require a DataBase Management system to work and it doesn’t need MySQL. You do need space to support PHP4 (hypertext processor). It has free themes.

Drupal 7

It is an open source CMS.It can be use for personal blogs or enterprise applications. It has over 800 add-on modules available and designs ( you can built you own theme). Its is free and very flexible. It is fast and can handle huge amount of traffic because it uses Javascript and CSS optimisation (Cascading Style Sheets, style sheet language to describe look and formatting). You need at least 3MB disk space. It will need MySQL and PDO (PHP Data Object) to write portable code.

WordPress as a CMS


It’s cheap or free (WordPress is free, but certain themes can be paying). Easy to use, it doesn’t requires technical skills other than typing, setting an account and sending emails. It is kind of open source, in the way that it is online and so everybody can help fixing problems. And it easily optimise search engine results.