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Do we really need to live life through our cameras?

There is no white rabbit or smoking caterpillar to lead people through the narrow tunnel covered in fake spider webs but a young man and his flash light. Cheers rise from the other side as music booms through the air. A few latecomers rush out of the tunnel into wonderland-like woods and towards the stage. Jerry Fish and his band are playing.

This is the Marley Grange Picnic Halloween festival. Everything has been meticulously prepared to create an unforgettable night.

People are dancing, laughing, singing and… filming.

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The Olympic games utopia

Reflecting back on the winter games, one moment in particular comes back to mind and with it an uncomfortable feeling: the opening ceremony.

How grandiose and flamboyant the spectacle may have been, it could not overshadow Putin’s presence. At any glitch or missteps, seconds seemed to become minutes as eyes and cameras turned to Putin expectant, waiting for Russia’s president to calmly rise from his seat and lift his hand, and, slowly but firmly, drop his thumb down to get rid of the guilty, looking down the arena, past exhausted performers and technicians, at a glorious and impeccable Russia.

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