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The tramway is full this morning, like every morning. With an expert eye, the driver looks in the mirror and check his load, shaded tones of heads from silver grey to a juvenile blond. Anonymous, lost in their thoughts. Nobody is talking, it is too early. The tram follows its run in the foggy streets, its bowels disgorging and filling at the rhythm of tides.
“He didn’t kissed me this morning, there is something wrong, he didn’t look at me, something is different. It’s freezing in here. .” The young lady is sitting at the back of the tram her bag squeezed against her chest.
The firefly leave her thoughts, twirls around an instant jolted in the flood of thoughts before being sucked up by one more powerful.
“There it is. Finally. First day! I’m good, no! I am the best! I’m going to show them, all these failures!” -“Can you boost the heating, it’s fucking cold?”
The firefly fattens with pride, fattens so much that in a blow she is propelled into a small blond head with pink cheeks.
“Round? Warm? Milk? Hungry!”
Starved she rushes to another.
“Another day to spend in the tram, again. At least it’s warm here. Fucking left hand! Move, will ya? They will maybe let me see a doc if I ask them, the lads of the soup kitchen. AHAH! There it is, now I’m crazy! What do they care! They have their warm house and a warm wife waiting for them with a warm dish in her arms.”
And another.
“Hello everybody, my name is… no, no, too direct. Welcome everybody, errrr… why can’t I do a damn simple sentence! I should drink some coffee. Hello… And eat a minth gum! For the breathe. Lecture halls… platforms… black boards… hundreds of students… all staring at me… Hundreds! Here we go! Panic attack. Panic attack! I’m having a fucking PANIC ATTACK! Calm down, breathe. Shit! My stop!”
Of surprise the firefly jump to the next person.
“milk, butter, courgettes, meat, onion, chicken breast, orange juice. Do not forget to take the medicine for Charles’ arthritis. Oooooooh and tonight my grand children are coming. This music, this is not music. I wish this driver would turn it off. My sweet grand children… they like that, I remember it, I bought them a ceedee of hippy de hop last Christmas. – “Young lady could you press the button for me, I can’t reach it and it’s dangerous, everything is dangerous at my age you know sweetheart.” this man doesn’t look right to me, oh no. And this smell, it’s him. People have no decency nowadays, no, no.

“ “Yeah in saloons we drink Boone’s and battle goons till high noon, bust rap toons on flat spoons, take no shorts like poon poon’s. See hoochies pop coochies, for Gucci’s and Lucci find me in my Mitsubishi, eatin’ sushi, bumpin’ Fugees.” It’s definitely my favourite song! “Oooh lalalah It’s the way that we rock when we’re doing our thang…” That’s gonna be a long day… but toooonight party! Party! Party with the girls. It’s gonna be class! Oh already? hello college…” “- thanks you sir, bye”


Imaginary World

“Cliff of Moher, Ireland” by Gunter Heyde, Flickr

“The soul is the only bird that sustains its cage”
Victor Hugo

Everything is grey today. I walk slowly along the cliff and sit down near the long steep slope. The freezing wind rushes through every gap in my clothes. The raged sea breaks up into thousands of sprays on the black stone lashing my face. I stand up, soaked to the skin, and move calmly toward the edge of the cliff. Down below, the foaming water challenges me. I look up in the sky to prevent me from losing my balance. The sky also threatens me with its clouds built up in a sinister storm. It starts raining. My feet half in the unknown, my head in the clouds, I inhale deeply and close my eyes…

In a long breath, I shrug off all fear, all woe from my being and offer myself to the wind. The grey stone furls in front of my eyes until becoming a smooth surface. I gather speed, my clothes flapping against my body. Now facing the ocean, I have the feeling that the fall will never end. The shape of black rocks shows from the sea, pointing their sharp side towards me. Rocks?! An anxious feeling sweeps over me, in a desperate scream I try to save myself from this horrible end. I close my eyes, as tight as possible, I don’t want to see. And then nothing, no sound, no motion, the wind, the sea and the sky turn still and quiet… Timidly, I open my eyes to find a frightened face in front of me, in a jerk of surprise my arm plunges into a cold fluid creating a wave, the face blurs, my reflection, me. I progressively become aware of what is happening, I am hanging in the air only a few centimetres from the surface of the ocean, like time had stopped . I notice that the clouds have disappeared and given way to a dazzling sun, its warmth spreads through my body then my heart and finally reaches my thoughts, slowly my body rises higher and higher. From up here everything is splendid, a vast green meadow of soft grass covers the rocks to stop only when the blue of the sky and the ocean starts. I soar up toward the sky, flying over the country, I stop to watch a lonely man hiking the Poutoukissi. I wander during hours or maybe days to finally face the ocean again. I fly off, I fly off toward new countries, new civilisations, new landscapes. I want to discover the paper world, and its borders made of ink I have often followed. Smalls islands take shape in the ocean, the Galápagos, la mitad del mundo, my travel just began. I discover New Zeeland and its Kiwis, the Fiji’s , Malaysia, China, I follow the Trans-Siberian tracks which bring me to Mongolia, then Russia with her white cover. Europe! With Paris and its Eiffel tour, Venezia and its gondolas, Brussels for its waffles, Greece for the Greeks. Africa! I hover above the Sahara, Egypt offers me its pyramids , Ethiopia its colours, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, there is so many others, so many to discover! I swirl around, wild with happiness! My look stops on the sun, its bright golden circles fatten and attract me. I let myself go, blinded by its beauty, and think “take me Sun, take me and keep me! This is where I belong”…

Suddenly a strong force holds me back and catches me by the belt. Before being able to resist, its arms of steel throw me backward. My head hits violently the ground, when I open my eyes a man is standing before me, his face livid of rage, he is yelling and waving in every way “Are you insane! What the fuck were you doing here?”. I look around me in a complete puzzlement: everything is grey.

The Day Things Changed

“Ruelle Nuit – Paris Noir et Blanc” by Regis Frasseto on Flickr.

The train runs along the tracks, little by little the forest of buildings is transformed into a green pine woodland. From small villages to big cities, from mountains to fields, I am leaving.

What have I done?

The others passengers on the train examine me, glower at me. When I entered the wagon earlier a mother took her children back to her. I know that I can impress but never someone to whom I’ve done nothing… a complete stranger looked so terrified at my sight. I painfully stand up and walk to the bathroom. Inside, the mirror shows me the reflection of a devastated man, my face is covered by large bloody cuts, the dark red blotch on my shirt continue slowly to grow. If I don’t stop the bleeding, I won’t last the night… I step back in horror.

Everything went so fast, only snatches of the scene come back to me.

What happened? Why did things go wrong?

I open my sport-bag containing what little I could grab in the apartment, I take the disinfectant and the bandage and try to stop the bleeding. The pain is intolerable, my sight darkens, I feel my leg collapsing under my weight, and then there is nothing but shadows…

*      *      *

The client is here and he is waiting for me. The square is empty and lightless except for one sinister street lamp. On his side I can see the suitcase I am supposed to collect and bring to the Boss. I don’t know what is inside it and I really don’t want to know. My sport-bag on my shoulder, heavy with banknotes, I move toward him. I know him, it’s not the first time I have dealt with him.

Never drop your defences, I should have know that! It’s the rule.

A sharp crack, the first bullet misses my head narrowly driving me half-deaf. Suddenly an acute pain twists my stomach and throws me to the ground. Blood, blood everywhere! The sticky liquid leaves my body slowly. I can feel its wet warmth running along my thigh. In the daze, I discern my client who, panicked, dashes down towards a narrow street; he will never find the shelter he was running for. A blinding light followed by an horrible roar stops him, his corpse flies lacerated by the power of the blast. Bits and pieces of the bomb and the buildings slash my face and my body. I lump together my lasts strength, grab my bag and start running, as quick as possible, as far as I can. I loose myself in the labyrinth of streets and try to loose my eventual followers, I know where I am going.

The door of the apartment flies open. Everything is so peaceful here, my life spreads below my eyes under the shape of objects and pictures of me and her. My Honey, my young and sweet lover. How can you be in love with a man like me? I have to go and leave behind me this place, this city with all their memories, this country. I grab every useful things I can find, run to the bathroom and empty the medicine cabinet in my bag. I leave a wad of banknotes on our bed, I don’t have time to write to you, no time for an explanation, I can’t leave any proof, not even the proof of my love for you, nobody must know where I’m going.

A quick look at my watch tells me that the next train is in 20 minutes.

Before closing the door behind me, I take one last glimpse of my past life and then run to the train which brings me to the next one.

Forgive me.

My first try at creative writing…


He was already there when I came in, sitting on a chair in the darker corner of the room. I didn’t see him at first.
That smell of old tobacco…
Suddenly his deep laugh rang out in the room. It was a cold laugh that resounds in the light-less night. I switch the light on and turn towards him. His face is illuminated by the faint light of the lamp. Or is it his smile which glows across the living room? I know this smile, and every single line of his face. Wait, I don’t know these wrinkles. Soft laugh lines around his eyes and his mouth.
“Did I scare you?”
His voice isn’t frightening any-more, quite the contrary, it calms me. He came back, finally.
“ You just surprised me.”
Years passed, but I never forgot. “You haven’t changed”, I tell him.
No, you did not change. Not even your clothes, the suit that went through years with you and the years have gone through it too. The leather shoes that I bought you for your birthday, deformed, holed, lacerated.
“I’ve changed just like you but you can’t see it. You look different.”
“I’m not twenty any-more”
His eyes… Your eyes, which in the past greedily looked at me, admired me, loved me and now seem dull. And yet…
“Why did you come back?”
“I missed you.”
You left me, without even looking back, not a look, not a kiss. You who said you loved me.
“You want a coffee? Short, two sugar, right?”
“No sugar, I have to be careful with my health.”
This smile again. You are right, you look older. Your skin which had the colour and the softness of chocolate seems to be as rough as leather. But it is still you.
“You know, I started a new life after you left. I am with someone now. I have been for several years.”
Why does your face cloud? Your ink black eyes pierce into me. I forgot how scary you could be.
“I also have two cats, and only one fish. I had another but it disappeared.”
His loud laugh fills me up, possesses me then vanishes.
“In our apartment.”
Slowly he stands up and comes closer to me. So close that I can hear his breath and smell his smell. That distinctive mix of blond tobacco and honey candy.
“There is only sugar in candies, you know that?”
He goes round me and delicately takes the cup I just served.
“It’s the only sweetness left in my life.”
The coffee starts shaking in his hands. The soft and powerful hands which had caressed me before are shrivelled up and feeble now.
“You have aged”
“It’s been ten years”
10 years, 2 months, 3 days, 8 hours .And now you are here with your smile and a couple more white hairs.
“What do you want?”