Clubs and socs day DCU

DCU’s Campus woke up in a frenzy this morning. Today, Tuesday the 2nd, is the first day of the Clubs and Societies week. It is today that students get to join groups and meet people with common interests and passions.

As I walk through the revolving doors, the muffled noise of the Hub booms against the glass windows. The incessant coming and going of students swarming around the stands makes the place look like a buzzing hive.

A huge crowd queues to join up the Harry Potter society, Janine looks a bit disappointed “I’m in the Hufflepuff house.”

Piles of freebies and goodies are stacked against the walls and tables or flooding out of burst cardboard boxes. DCU FM crowd has barely enough room to breathe in their jam-packed studio. On each side of the hall, tables line up endlessly. MPS broadcast mute interviews, testimonies of current members, on the screen while some of its members walk around the room dressed in bright purple and yellow Teletubbies costumes.
Half way through the day, things are only getting started. The floor is already littered with discarded bags, empty boxes and papers, stamped over and over again by thousands of people.

Heavy with bags I make my way towards the Old bar. The usual temple of the drama society is now filled by others. As I enter, the blasting music coming from the Canoe club makes it hard to hear Ian from the Photosoc telling me about a trip to Prague. I manage to add another bag to my collection and brace myself for the last room. The descent to the venue is no mean feat, and I let myself drift with the tide of people. With some elbowing and a small bit of kicking I make sure that I’m heading in the right direction. The hubbub intensifies.

At the beginning of a long maze of tables and stands, the SVP society gives out free cupcakes, Eimear, from Journalism, spent all night last night making them, “I ate so much of the icing I think I’m going to die.”

There is something for everybody about everything, even the quirkiest societies. One of them in particular attracts my attention: The Avenger Soc. I wonder if it’s a fan club
or… No it’s just the Strange Things society.

At the Journalism society stand, Brendan, current College View Editor, looks at future recruits with interest. The first edition of the paper is due tomorrow.

Aoife joined around six different societies, from Drama Soc to Foodie and Journalism societies, and intends to take an active part in all of them, “and there goes my life.”

The day is almost over; Laura has been here since 9am with other friends and is now packing up the MPS stand, exhausted.
As I make my way out a new crowd of students come in through the doors. A student in full soldier gear armed with a paintball gun and a goatee passes by. Tomorrow is full of promises.


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