The tramway is full this morning, like every morning. With an expert eye, the driver looks in the mirror and check his load, shaded tones of heads from silver grey to a juvenile blond. Anonymous, lost in their thoughts. Nobody is talking, it is too early. The tram follows its run in the foggy streets, its bowels disgorging and filling at the rhythm of tides.
“He didn’t kissed me this morning, there is something wrong, he didn’t look at me, something is different. It’s freezing in here. .” The young lady is sitting at the back of the tram her bag squeezed against her chest.
The firefly leave her thoughts, twirls around an instant jolted in the flood of thoughts before being sucked up by one more powerful.
“There it is. Finally. First day! I’m good, no! I am the best! I’m going to show them, all these failures!” -“Can you boost the heating, it’s fucking cold?”
The firefly fattens with pride, fattens so much that in a blow she is propelled into a small blond head with pink cheeks.
“Round? Warm? Milk? Hungry!”
Starved she rushes to another.
“Another day to spend in the tram, again. At least it’s warm here. Fucking left hand! Move, will ya? They will maybe let me see a doc if I ask them, the lads of the soup kitchen. AHAH! There it is, now I’m crazy! What do they care! They have their warm house and a warm wife waiting for them with a warm dish in her arms.”
And another.
“Hello everybody, my name is… no, no, too direct. Welcome everybody, errrr… why can’t I do a damn simple sentence! I should drink some coffee. Hello… And eat a minth gum! For the breathe. Lecture halls… platforms… black boards… hundreds of students… all staring at me… Hundreds! Here we go! Panic attack. Panic attack! I’m having a fucking PANIC ATTACK! Calm down, breathe. Shit! My stop!”
Of surprise the firefly jump to the next person.
“milk, butter, courgettes, meat, onion, chicken breast, orange juice. Do not forget to take the medicine for Charles’ arthritis. Oooooooh and tonight my grand children are coming. This music, this is not music. I wish this driver would turn it off. My sweet grand children… they like that, I remember it, I bought them a ceedee of hippy de hop last Christmas. – “Young lady could you press the button for me, I can’t reach it and it’s dangerous, everything is dangerous at my age you know sweetheart.” this man doesn’t look right to me, oh no. And this smell, it’s him. People have no decency nowadays, no, no.

“ “Yeah in saloons we drink Boone’s and battle goons till high noon, bust rap toons on flat spoons, take no shorts like poon poon’s. See hoochies pop coochies, for Gucci’s and Lucci find me in my Mitsubishi, eatin’ sushi, bumpin’ Fugees.” It’s definitely my favourite song! “Oooh lalalah It’s the way that we rock when we’re doing our thang…” That’s gonna be a long day… but toooonight party! Party! Party with the girls. It’s gonna be class! Oh already? hello college…” “- thanks you sir, bye”


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