Mikey and the Scallywags - Living in the light album cover

Mikey and the Scallywags

Mikey and the Scallywags, formed 8 months ago, in June 2010. The band is composed by 5 skilled musicians. Mikey McCrory is the guitar player and lead singer, Alan Gosker and his brother Brian Gosker are respectively playing banjo and drums as well as doing the backup vocals, Paulie Small is the bassist and finally Juliana Erkkonen is playing the violin and the fiddle.

These young artists started off busking in the streets of our beautiful city of Galway.

The Lyric are written by Mikey and the recordings are done by Brian Gosker. The records are room mics recordings for now but soon they will have quality recordings available as they went into studio last February to record their songs in Campbells Tavern, near Cloughanover community Hall.

The genre of their music varies from gypsy, folk, bluesgrass and storytelling.
Mikey is originally from California, and successfully bring these air of country folk music of his home country in their songs.

The jolly rhythms of the banjo and the voice spread happiness and make you want to stand up and start dancing. In the 3 tracks available on their website you can hear the different music and cultures that influenced them. “Holly Rollercoaster”, has folk rhythms, with a very strong banjo presence. On the other hand “Loola” is a mix of gypsy rhythms with the fiddle and guitar and blues by the voice. The last track “Trouble with making plans” has a very strong country guitar playing and nasal singing particular to the genre.

You can still see Mikey and Alan playing on Shop Street. You can’t really miss them: Mikey with hair like fire and Alan with his banjo both perched on bollards wafting their warm rhythmic music through the streets of Galway.
The first time I saw them, I was walking up Shop Street, moody because of the grey weather and the early hour, although it was around 11 am but that’s early for me! So I was walking listless when a breeze brought these blues rhythms to my ears and without noticing I literally skipped towards the music, and there they were, in the flesh: Mikey and The Scallywags. I also remember finding a copper, and these two discoveries made my day!

The Crane bar, situated on sea road in the west side of Galway, will welcome them on the 3rd of March for the Musical Mayhem. These monthly concert series are taking place every first Thursday of the month in the pub, so if you want to see these guys live don’t miss the opportunity! Plus the Crane bar is brilliant for gigs!

If you want to listen to more of their stuff you can go to their page on the ReverbNation website. And I promise it is worth the trip!


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