Caravan Palace

This electro swing band is based in Paris. The current members of the bands are Sonia Fernadez Velasco, the lead singer who also plays the clarinet from time to time, Arnaud Vial who plays the guitar, Hugues Payen at the violin, Camille Chapellier also plays the clarinet, Charles Delaporte is the double bass player and finally Antoine Toutsou alternates between trombone and turntable.

This band started with an unusual but exciting anecdote without which there would be no band at all. The group formed in 2005 after Vial, Payen and Delaporte, the creators of the band, were hired by a film production company to provide the soundtrack for a silent porn dating from the beginning of the 20th century!! They showed their demo to friendly listeners who enthusiastically encouraged them to start a band. So they dropped their independent work and put themselves in this new project. A year after they met Loic Barrouk, manager of Café de la Dance, a gig venue in Paris, who signed them up for representations. They decided to find 3 more musicians, as they needed them for live playing, and so browsed YouTube. This is when Camille, Toutsou and Sonia entered the group.

Sonia’s voice is a cross over between old-cabaret style of Ethel Waters and the soulful Billie Holidays. Her voice is always in perfect harmony with the sparkling groove of the band.

They appeared for the first time in 2007 at the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival.
Their Album entitled Caravan Palace was released in October 2008, and was preceded by the record “Jolie Coquine” which remained on the French Charts for 68 consecutive weeks. The band released their second official single “Suzy” in February 2009.
The album charted in Switzerland and Belgium and reached the position of #11 in august 2009.

These highly talented musicians take their influences from Swing and Manouche Jazz, which is a gypsy-style jazz to which they mix electro, house, dub and hip hop music. They mix electronic beats from drum machines, groove boxes and vocoders with live instruments.

The website F-cat Production says that “with their “zazou” look, inspired by the Parisian paleo-punk from the 30s and 40s, they serve up festive, frantic music. An improbable futuristic and melodious Charleston fit for the dance floor. Caravan Palace is to swing what Gotan Project is to Tango”

They have sold more than a hundred and fifty thousand copies of their album in less than a year and have played in more than a hundred and twenty national and international venues and festivals in 2009.

Their catchy music conquered Europe! They are planning in releasing a new album during the year, and fans from everywhere stamp their feet with anticipation!

That’s it for the Caravan Palace! Have a good day, and if you hear that they are coming to Ireland, Run! Run for tickets, these guys are unavoidable!!

sources: F-cat Production, Wikipedia and Aurgasm.


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