Pampering Charity Event in GTI

The Galway Technical Institute, situated in the Claddagh, hosted the novel Pampering Charity Event in aid of the Alan Kerins Project. First and second year students in Massage and Beauty Therapy gathered to offer back massage and similar services such as facials or hand massage and manicure.

The fundraising was in support of the Alan Kerins Project. The charity organisation comes to the aid of the most disadvantaged in Africa, and more particularly in Zambia, in the south of the African continent. It is in this country that it all started for Alan Kerins when he went to the country as a voluntary physiotherapist.
The event took place in the iCafe and in the treatment rooms for the massages. “It was a great buzz, great atmosphere. It was an ideal platform for the students to gain experience” said Judith Madden, Beauty Therapy teacher in GTI.
Evergreen was also present in the iCafe with a stall, offering samples of body and food products.
Alan Kerins made an appearance during the fundraising and enjoyed a skilled hand massage in the main hall.
The Alan Kerins Projects will be back after Christmas in GTI to receive the approximately 1100 euro collected.
Sarah Leonard, teaching Massage, said it was a great experience for the students. The Massage department raised around five hundred euro on its own.
If you missed the event, you can still make a donation to the Alan Kerins Projects and support their enthusiastic and caring adventure.
From January to Easter the talented GTI massage class offers hot stone massages, reflexology and holistic massage for only 10€.


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