Bike Thefts in Galway

“A well locked bike” by Dustin Sacks, Flikr.

Students are more annoyed than ever. Dylan Byrne, studying in NUIG, got his bike robbed last Monday “I have to ask security to lock my bike when I want to leave it overnight, and ask them to unlock it in the morning”.

It is not surprising news: bike thefts are one of the biggest crimes in Galway.

John, a security guard who has been working in NUIG for 30 years, said he and the Student Union President, Peter Mannion, were working on erecting a secured compound for bicycles. The access would be granted by ID passes and would “greatly reduce the risks”. Peter Mannion said the process will take some time. “The Security Office, the University Building Office, and the Student Union will have to work together” to make this happen.

Since 2009, Galway has seen a significant increase of 53% in its bike thefts. Vandalism is a big issue on Eyre Square during weekend nights, as Breen, working in the On Yer Bike shop on Prospect Hill pointed out. The shop receives at least a call per day for stolen bikes. They are thinking of introducing a hidden tracking device on the bikes, and hope this would solve the problem. But the first step, in their opinion, would be to place CCTV cameras near bike parks.


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