The No Smoking Orchestra

The No Smocking Orchestra, Zabranjeno Pusenje in Serbo-croatian language, is also known as “Emir Kuturica and The No Smoking Orchestra”. The band features Emir Kusturica‘s films: in Time Of The Gypsies, Life is a Miracle as well as Arizona Dream with Iggy Pop and Underground. The lead musician-composer-singer, Goran Bregović is one of the most internationally known mordern composers of the Balkans. He composed for artists such as Iggy Pop or Cesaria Evora. The band is categorized in Gypsy techno-rock style. Their last album “Unza Unza Time” carries both music with Serbian and Romani rhythms, Pop music as well as Rock rhythms. The album is accompanied by video clips directed by Emir Kusturica himself.
In live, their energy simply put the crowd on fire, the frenetic ambiance carried is incredible. The music is appreciated by all ages.
The album can be bought on


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