Three minutes from death: How blood donation saved one person’s life

It takes an average person three minutes to bleed to death from a cut in the femoral artery. It took 15 minutes for the ambulance to get there, but Thomas* was lucky.

The day was warm and the atmosphere heated in the conference room. Men and women in suits were escaping from the heat, rushing towards the big glass doors for the freedom of a lunch break.

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HIV incidences rising in Ireland

The number of people living with HIV in Ireland has increased by 62.5% in the past ten years.

According to the UNAIDS Global Report 2012, there were 7 800 people living with HIV in 2011 against 4 800 in 2001, a dramatic increase which has put Ireland near the top of the OECD European chart of HIV and AIDS incidences.

The country has one of the highest rates of HIV incidences in Europe with 7.4 cases per million population and ranks 8th worst out of the 27, just above the European median 6.2, along with Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Latvia and Estonia according to the OECD latest statistics.

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New ways of telling stories: interview with The Observer editor

Stories like the ‘NSA files: Decoded’ are the leading edge of journalism and are currently at the top of very best practice according to the Editor of The Observer, John Mulholland.

“In terms of a story that was as big and as significant as the Snowden story from an organisation that’s as big and significant as The Guardian then those two things combined mean that something like ‘Decoded’ is currently at the apex of how you can tell those stories,” he said.

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UStart competition to provide platform for student business ideas

The Chief Commercial Officer of the Ryan Academy believes that DCU students have great business ideas and that the UStart competition will act a good springboard to put them into motion.

The Ryan Academy will select between six and ten of the strongest entrepreneurs in DCU to mentor them over the summer holidays through their UStart competition in the coming weeks.

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The Olympic games utopia

Reflecting back on the winter games, one moment in particular comes back to mind and with it an uncomfortable feeling: the opening ceremony.

How grandiose and flamboyant the spectacle may have been, it could not overshadow Putin’s presence. At any glitch or missteps, seconds seemed to become minutes as eyes and cameras turned to Putin expectant, waiting for Russia’s president to calmly rise from his seat and lift his hand, and, slowly but firmly, drop his thumb down to get rid of the guilty, looking down the arena, past exhausted performers and technicians, at a glorious and impeccable Russia.

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Child poverty consistent in Ireland

One in eleven children live in consistent poverty in Ireland, according to the annual Report Card compiled by the Children’s Rights Alliance.

‘There may be no room for complacency, but there is considerable room for shame’, said Barnardos chief executive Fergus Finlay. According to M. Finlay, one in five of the 1200 children surveyed go to school or bed hungry several times a week. Tackling poverty is a whole-of-government issue and is something that needs to be prioritised in order to see progress next year.

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Dine in Dublin delights on Dame Street

Opium’s chef, Bill, offers samples of his Chicken Massman, a Bangkok dish, to passers by as part of the Dine in Dublin Food Festival on February 25th outside The Central Bank on Dame Street.

The Festival will run until Wednesday, February 26th.

There will be demonstrations from 12 to 5pm from chefs of some of Dublin’s well known eateries such as The Liquor Rooms, Fallon & Byrne, KC Peaches Wine Cave, Mao, The Kitchen, Zaragoza , V’nV, Opium, Rigby’s, Red Torch Ginger & L’Gueuleton.

This video was entirely recorded using an iPod 5 and iRig.



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